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A Date with Kaela Woods

Kaela Woods is an old classic 1969 Volkswagen beetle residing in the sunny shores of Singapore.

Going on a date?

If you wish to take a rare beauty like Kaela Woods out for a spin, you'll definitely want to up your game and dress the part.

However, dressing up in 60s-themed clothing from head to toe might just seem a little tacky or dated, and you may never wear that outfit more than once.

How to dress retro

To match up to the gorgeous interior of Kaela Woods, we created mini dome cufflinks in rosewood colour and silver-plated fittings.

Finally, we styled the cufflinks with a modern blue suit with harem pants for a sharp yet slightly relaxed look.

Now you are all set for your date!

Just hold

the wheel

and drive

Other Vintage-Inspired Alternatives

Colours like cream, champagne, khaki-green and rosewood are some of the most popular colours in the vintage palette. So pick any colour(s) from here if you're going retro. Shapes can also play a part- a regular or super dome shape might do the trick.

A good way to complete the retro look would be to select an antique-finish fitting for your cufflinks, especially if you have created a matt finish for your shape.