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Guitar Mania

Whether you are a seasoned performer or closet rocker, express your love for your instruments on or off stage with Analog cufflinks.

We have shortlisted 4 guitars that we absolutely adore and here's how we've created our matching cufflinks.

1. Levinson Blade Delta

First up, we have the Levinson Blade Delta guitar that prides itself in producing a wide range of sounds from clean bright to warm blues to dark jazz.

The guitar features a sen ash body painted in red to honey colour with a high gloss finish. We are totally digging the bright gold-tone hardware that accentuates the beauty of the gradient body.

To simulate the gradient effect of the guitar body, you can select either the duo-tone or tri-tone colour option when creating your cufflinks.

If you have chosen the trio-tone colour function, we recommend picking out three colours that you see at the start, middle and end of the gradient.

We are in favour of a more funky shape like the mini pyramid, hence we chose the duo-tone colour function. (Tip: Tri-tone colour function is only available for flat top shapes.) We selected metallic red and metallic bronze colours in a gloss finish to complement the bright and shiny body of the guitar. The cufflinks are finished with gold-plated fittings, similar to the gold-tone hardware and tuners of the guitar.

2. Gibson SG Classic

Our second all-tine favourite guitar is none other than the well-loved Gibson SG Classic.

Crafted from solid mahogany in worn Cherry finish, we admire its charmingly old school look that at the same time exudes a modern feel.

For a look that is clean and sharp, we recommend using the solid black and/or red colours to design your matching cufflinks. We chose metallic black and metallic red colours instead for an extra X-factor. Following the same principle as the Blade Delta, we finished our cufflinks with a silver-tone fitting to match Gibson's chrome fittings.

Gibson SG classic faded guitar

Matching Analog cufflinks

3. Gibson 1957 Les Paul Goldtop

By our third electric guitar, customising a pair of matching cufflinks was such a breeze.

This stunning gold shimmer Les Paul Goldtop deserves nothing less than a bold statement piece- so we designed a pair in super pyramid shape with metallic yellow gold and matching gold-plated fittings.

This is clearly not for the faint-of-heart!

Gibson 1957 Les Paul Goldtop guitar

Matching Analog cufflinks

4. Dean Michael Schenker Acoustic

Last but not least, we paired our cufflinks with a most eye-catching semi-acoustic from Dean guitars.

To match the geometric patterns on the front and back of its body, we designed our cufflinks in the shape of a mini pyramid in solid black and white colours. A matt black fitting was chosen for a strong and contemporary look.

While the Michael Schenker guitar is a crowd-pleaser, we cannot promise that these Analog cufflinks won't steal the limelight.

Dean Michael Schenker semi-acoustic guitar

Matching Analog cufflinks