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Take a Break

If you are going on a holiday or taking the weekend off for yourself, you can still dress casual cool and put on a pair of funky cufflinks.

Dress down denim

Denim is one of the most common materials used for casual wear, and often used to play down a formal outfit. Styling a formal shirt with denim jeans, or throwing on a denim jacket over a classic white shirt, are some of the ways to create a casual-formal outfit.

If denim is a main highlight in your casual cool agenda, we would recommend designing cufflinks in bright and cheerful colours for some added funk. Bright orange is a great colour that goes well with and stands out against denim blue, and will definitely send happy vibes along your way. For a rustic touch, go with a brushed metal base.

Choose a bright colour to stand out against denim tones

Orange emerald cut with brushed antique gold

If you prefer to go tone or tone, our neon blue works best with denim. You can even select a brushed metal base to match the metal rivets of your denim garment.

Colour pick from your fabric and rivets

Neon blue emerald cut with brushed antique copper

If you are not a fan of denim, or haven't got any denim in your outfit, a good rule to follow would be to design a pair of cufflinks to match the colour of your belt or shoes.

Take a well-deserved break and have fun designing your cufflinks!